A Few Tips + Thoughts Regarding Drugs + Raves

By Anabasine

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Know your drugs There is a huge wealth of information available online about every substance you can think of. erowid.org is a great place to find basic info on dosage and effects. The forums at bluelight.ru have more in-depth conversations on research chemicals.

Know yourself Every drug and every body interact differently. Knowing your mood and emotional self—how you feel this week or month, how you react or deal with crowds of people, closed-in spaces, styles of music, types of drugs, times of day, everything—will make you much more able to navigate both flowingly ecstatic as well as difficult experiences. What one person tells you a drug will do won’t necessarily be what you experience.

Trust your instincts If something doesn’t seem right, or feel right, even in the back corner of your mind, pay attention to it. You may know something about what’s going on in yourself or your environment that you don’t rationally understand, but might sense a hint of anyway!

Know your source There are a lot of impure or unknown substances floating around out there. The only real way to know what you’ve got is to test it yourself! Drug test kits are available online from a variety of sources, such as dancesafe.org, or at pharmacies. A worthwhile investment in your safety and health! Go in on it with some friends to rave onward in confidence and safety! Plus it’s fun to do!

Careful with combos A lot of drugs combine well with each other. A bunch do not. A few combos are very dangerous and could kill you or throw you in a coma. Exercise extreme caution with new combinations! There are some good interaction charts out there. In general, psychedelics and weed are quite safe. Ketamine and GHB are often quite dangerous to combine with other things. Ecstasy and amphetamines can be complicated.

Do your research, share your knowledge, check in with your friends, and DANCE HARD!