by: d.l.c. nardo 

Welcome to the party, baby. This pleasure without shame feels much lighter. You are reclaiming your agency, truly feeling your body; your curves swinging, your crevices holding secrets, and your stretch marks the artful strokes of your growth. How does it feel to embody softness and play with roughness? 

Do you feel it? What is it to truly feel? To have pleasure come from your own touches, do you feel it? The pleasure of having sovereignty over your own body? Do you feel it? 

To feel the ecology you are interacting with: the wind whispering on your neck, the texture of the cat’s fur, the molasses drift of an afternoon nap, swinging yourself in a hammock, letting dark chocolate melt on your tongue, biking in the rain, smelling burning beeswax, feeling your lover’s soft, newly cut hair, long soaks in the bath, wiping the velvet leaves of your plants, singing to yourself while you cook, hearing your own moans, making silly faces to and for yourself. 

Do you feel it? 

Do you believe it can be this good?