by Lorenzo Carrara

Long before padded feet tapped the beat, 

wings flapped, their pit-pat 

in Rhythm Eternal. 

Long before the amoebic spore sprouted life from strife, 

waves waxed, a splish, a splash, 

in Lunar Liquid Groove. 

Long before earth and her score were a cosmic thought, new to yore, 

stars spun, there hung, 

in Waltzes Slow. 

There has always been Dancing. 

Since the something from nothing, motion from commotion, 

time’s passage to pitch, 

There has always been Dancing. 


There will always be Dancing. 

Long after bones are dust, 

Long after last metal rusts, 

Long after the last breath, 

Smiling Death, arm-in-arm with the last burning star, will pivot and say

We will always be Dancing.