by Yael Tobon

i feel more human

so human i saw my mother’s pumping

heart through her chest, so human

the music touched and played with my

innermost tissues like an

supplementary vital fluid


in fields of shirked land

i could sense time moving

between my legs,

through the corners of my eyes,

across the wheat and,

inside the grass


a single cloud held within herself

the electricity innate to her nature,

the chaos of the cycles

that one never knows

when they start or

when they



half the sky housed

dim, vibrant remnants of

sun rays—

gentle on my skin

gentle on the earth


the evening sun

waved me goodbye as if to say

no te preocupes que

mañana estaré de regreso


it aches that the day ends

and it breaks me that i live to die

(or the other way?)

i hope that when i leave

it will be like today’s sky;


as if saying

no te preocupes que

mañana estaré de regreso…