there is a light that never goes out

by a.j. flora

my guiding star is the yellowish hue 

streaming from your bedroom window 

and it’s never looked so good as it does 

from behind the wheel of this beater car 

and we’ve never flown so fast to the 

outskirts of our little town 

where we can lay and truly look at the stars 

our little reminders that there is life beyond here 

that somewhere two men like us 

could be together, so in love, and looking at the same sky and as your eyes reflect the cosmos above 

your hand brushes mine 

and you have never looked so much more 

like you belong in the sky 

and i have never wanted anything so much more in my life, to give everything in my soul, to labor under the pain of this world to share our sweet embraces 

to love you with every breath 

to fly you to the stars