by christian scott.


        [We swim in crystalline waters]


To navigate life in ’s’ shape mode

To let the wind slightly push you aside


Vulnerable and strong

Like tall grass.


        [we move through pitch dark rivers]

        [across giant caves]


To learn from the waves

Oceans, streets, dance floors

Making our way through

Pushing forward — letting go.


        [We harvest, and we sweat]


Queerness, in negotiating space in


Performing the politics of skin

Queerness, in being

And being allowed to be

Or not.


The touch of loved ones

Within street names and numbers


And suddenly the realization of being



In asking humans out, outside of NDQ

In taking the 55 at 6am.


                [We ride the back of motorbikes,

        through urban neon landscapes]


Toasting for life

Toasting for us.


And suddenly

Clouds of soft smiles

Moving slowly, passing through you

Songs and choruses


Trumpets and saxophones,

Peach skin, golden coper light.


As you walk west on Bernard.


And dancing and kissing

Little by little finding the center

Little by little finding

How to inhabit your body.