An Introduction to Astrology

By Cosmique Tea

We live in a VERY abundant universe full of tons of galaxies! The Milky Way Galaxy has BILLIONS of stars, our focal point will be on the sun (known in Latin as sol) the brightest star in this galaxy. The Sun has its own solar system with 9 orbiting planets. The nine planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Amid billions of galaxies are billions of stars! Stars are broken down into groups referred to as constellations. Quick fact: there are 88 constellations in our solar system (that we know of). I’ll be discussing the zodiac which focuses on the 12 major star constellations.

In order from spring to winter, the 12 zodiacs are: Aries “The Ram” (March 21-April 19), Taurus “The Bull” (April 20-May
20), Gemini “The Twins” (May 21-June 20), Cancer “The Crab” (June 21-July 22), Leo “The Lion” (July 23-August 22), Virgo “The Virgin” (August 23-September 22), Libra “The Scale” (September 23-October 22), Scorpio “The Scorpion” (October 23-November 21), Sagittarius “The Archer/The Centaur” (November 22-December 21), Capricorn “The Sea goat” (December 22-January 19), Aquarius “The WaterBearer” (January 20-February 18), and Pisces “The Fish” (February 19-March 20).

Astrology is an ancient language that facilitates a discussion between celestial bodies, stars, planets and other components that make up your birth chart aka your cosmic signature. You can view your birth chart as a map that illustrates where
planets are positioned and what sign(s) they transit. The birth chart can provide very detailed information about your personality, relationships, insecurities, past life and destiny. We will focus on three main components in the birth chart: the
sun, moon and rising.

Sun sign: Most people are familiar with their sun signs. Keep in mind that the sun sign only reveals the TIP of the iceberg of your cosmic identity! The sun sign can be characterized as your individuality, ego and will power. Sun signs are associated with your passions, potential and uniqueness, they highlight where you were born to SHINE. These signs also showcase your determination to accomplish what you incarnated in this universe to do. Last but not least, sun sign has a lot to do with your creative expression and quest for self-realization.

Moon sign: The moon sign reveals your emotional needs; what you need to feel nurtured, loved and safe. The moon exposes how you feel about yourself, the way you handle relationships, and how you emotionally respond to experiences. Lunar energy often illustrates how you reflect the sun’s light, in other words, you turn to your moon sign for protection in order to feel a sense of security and safety. The moon sign can be characterized as your intuitive instincts and imagination.

Rising/Ascendant sign: Your rising sign is the first impression (or facade) that you often show the world, it can also be considered as your business face; your brand. Your rising is indicative of your attitudes towards life and the world at large. In Vedic astrology, the rising is known as the first contact your soul make with the third dimension.

Elements, Signs (ruling planet/star or satellite):

Air: Aquarius (Uranus and Saturn), Gemini (Mercury), Libra

  • Intellectual, inventive, needs freedom, communicative,

Fire: Aries (Mars), Leo (Sun), Sagittarius (Jupiter)

  • Leaders, courageous, confident, fun, magnetic/charming,

Earth: Taurus (Venus), Virgo (Mercury), Capricorn (Saturn)

  • Hardworking, responsible, practical, materialistic,

Water: Cancer (Moon), Pisces (Neptune), Scorpio (Pluto)

  • Moody, sensitive, highly intuitive, emotional, psychic

Cosmic Slices
Imagine we are making a cosmic pizza! The first step is to slice the pizzas into 12 equal tasty slices. 12 slices of pizza = 12 zodiac signs. Now there are 4 seasonal options: Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring. The pizza can also be divided into Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Fall equinox and Spring equinox.

Seasons and Signs:
Beginning/Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

  • Cardinal signs mark the beginning of each season
    starting with the Spring/Fall Equinox or the Summer/

Winter Solstice

  • These signs are known for being initiators of change, they
    are known to be disruptive causing newness to emerge
    from the end of cycles.

Middle/Fixed: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

  • Fixed signs mark the point that is smack dead in the
    middle of a season. For instance, Taurus is in the middle
    of Spring, Leo is in the middle of Summer, Scorpio Fall
    and Aquarius Winter.
  • Fixed signs can be viewed as both the most consistent and most stubborn. On the other hand, they can also represent stability.

End/Mutable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

  • Mutable signs are at the end of each season finishing with
    Spring/Fall equinox or Summer/Winter Solstice
  • Mutable signs are characterized as the most adaptable to change. They are also known strongly for being inde-
    cisive, inconsistent “go with the flow” type.

Common Questions:

Why is Astrology important?
Astrology can help you develop a deeper awareness of self, your environment and how life above mirrors life below. Astrology can be used as a sacred integral resource to help
support your own spiritual development and self-care ritual(s).

What does a planet in retrograde mean?

When planets move slower they appear to be moving backwards. Many people fear retrogrades, but in all honesty, retrogrades are periods of immense growth and change. There are many ways to work in alignment with these transits instead of against them to reap the most benefits.

Where can I calculate my birth chart?
You can find MANY free online birth chart calculators.

I recommend Astro Charts: and Cafe Astrology:

Guessing Game: Sun/Moon/Rising

Famous People: Oprah Winfrey, Miss Cleo, Beyoncé Knowles,
Will Smith, Nina Simone

Find and match the appropriate celebrity with their top three
birth chart components.

Celebrity name:

Sun: Pisces (highly intuitive, emotionally vulnerable, spaced out)

Moon: Capricorn (values trust in order to express emotions
freely, ambitious, private)

Rising: Aquarius (eccentric, futuristic, unique appearance,)

Celebrity name:

Sun: Virgo (self-improving, perfectionist, devoted)

Moon: Scorpio (sensitive, secretive, erotic presence)

Rising: Libra (stylish, diplomatic, soft features, luxurious
adorned appearance)

Celebrity name:

Sun: Leo (center of attention, opinionated, always chasing/in
pursuit of something)

Moon: Capricorn (business and career focused, status seeking,

Rising: Aquarius (eccentric, very detached from reality, unique

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